Successful commissioning of drum cutter on PC-1250

Komatsu PC 1250 - 125 ton Excavator used for mass excavation in Mining application. Conventionally mining of minerals is done by first blasting the face and then loading the material with excavators and transportation by Dump Trucks. At Ambuja Cement Ltd, Darlaghat due to restrictions on blasting they had to go in for unconventional methods for mining.

To achieve this Ambuja Cement planned using both - Rotary drum Cutter from Erkat and Rock-Breaker from Atlas Copco on the same machine - Komatsu PC1250. The task was very challenging as the Cutters and Breaker work on different flow and pressure ratings and had to fulfill requirement of - Komatsu, Erkat and Atlas Copco.

Ambuja Cement handed over this time bound job to Hydrotek Engineers to liaison with the agencies, do the necessary modification in hydraulics, install and commission the attachments. Hydrotek Engineers with inputs from all the agencies and support from Mr.Vivekananda of Ambuja Cement finalized on the hydraulic circuit wherein it was possible to operate the Cutter @ 1000lpm and 320 bar and the Rock-breaker @ 450lpm and 200 bar on the same Excavator.

Hydrotek Engineers then managed all the hydraulic components to match the designed circuit and installed the kit at Ambuja Cements, Darlaghat. Successful load trials were taken and the Equipment was commissioned within the stipulated time frame. This was the first time in the world that different attachments were installed on Komatsu PC1250.

This is a great achievement and Hydrotek Engineers thanks all the people involved in making the project a grand success.

Hydrotek Engineers has designed and installed circuits for adaptation of various attachments on the same machine. The adaptation is made simple and the operator can select the attachment from the cabin. By operating the switch, automatically the pressure and flow is set as per requirement of the attachment.

Hydrotek Engineers is the OEM supplier to many Rock-Breaker manufacturers which includes design, supply and installation of kits. The hydraulics is designed for setting flow and pressure on all the Excavators to meet specification of the Rock-Breaker.