Pedestal Boom

Pedestal Breaker Systems represent a new generation of cost-effective hydraulic equipment for breaking rock faster, more efficiently and more safely. They include a combination of established features and machinery innovations unmatched in the industry.

It helps to keep production on schedule. It break oversize rock and eliminate bridging, maintaining uninterrupted flow of material through the crusher.


  • Breaks oversized rocks and eliminates blocking, maintains uninterrupted flow of material to the crusher
  • Reduces crusher downtime
  • Heavy-duty construction enhances reliability, assures long and trouble-free operation
  • Power units to suit specific application
  • Custom designed systems to match exact requirements
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for stationary breaking applications
  • Controls may be located in the existing operator's station for maximum safety and convenience
  • Wide range of models from 13ft. -24.6ft. for all types of stationary and portable crusher installations